August 21, 2011

At The Farmer's Market

We went to our local Farmer's Market today to see what's out there and mostly just to walk it. It's fun listening to the different people, music and comments people make in this type of place. At one point, we went from hearing Lady GaGa to The Bobbettes. One guy went walking away singing "...Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee...." In these places, I love people the most. Everyone is looking for a deal and bargain; it's raw and true.

I was hoping to find fabric or something useful or special enough to give new life to. In the end, I walked out with two sets of vintage knitting needles, an old blue Ball jar, some doilies and a skirt. That will have to do.

Do you know of a great market where there is old (or new) textiles or fabrics? Where do you like to go?

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