December 29, 2009


 Here are a few things I've been inspired by recently:
  • Jenny Lee Fowler will blow you away in this computer art age. I really do appreciate work not traced or photoshopped. Her creations are truly unique and beautiful.
  • Kailo Chic's purses make me happy just looking at them. The fabrics are bright and bubbly.
  • Darla Jackson from Alfalfalovesme has a special way of bringing your darkest emotions to the surface with each of her pieces. She also is offering free shipping until 12/31.

December 27, 2009

French Press Felted Slippers

I did it! I made this gorgeous pair of slippers in less than a day to give to my mother for Christmas. They took me a little longer than 90 minutes to do the actual knitting than the Yarn Harlot site suggested, but they're done and quite lovely. I'm confident the knitting will take less time if I make another pair. I've felted with Lamb's Pride yarn before, but I may have just fallen completely for the Paton's Classic Wool used for this pair of slippers. Without having very much time or four days to block them, I used the household hairdryer to speed the process along a bit. I have exactly enough yarn (in two colors) to make two more pair.

The best part of this is that my mom was pretty shocked & loves them.

If you're interested in finding the pattern, please visit the designer's etsy shop: French Press Knits

December 20, 2009

Feelin' drifty

We knew it was going to happen. This morning, we woke to 24 inches of beautiful snow. I love snow because it makes me feel like a child. I enjoy the silent hush that befalls the landscape and the way my dogs play in it - they are jubilant!  Snow always makes me want to bake and hold my family dear. The cuddling factor alone is truly worth it.
Have you had snow yet this year? Did you love it? What is your favorite thing to do when you're snowed in? Why? I'd love to hear!

December 18, 2009

So much to do...

This year Christmas seems to be steaming ahead of my ability to keep up.

I've had so many custom orders that I am very thankful for, and those have kept me happily busy. I've been putting my own holiday preparations aside while I finish what seems to be an endless list of chores and such. In another week, it will all be fine and fully enjoyed and the stress of the holiday season will be expelled from my psyche only to move onto new and exciting projects. 

Switching formats after the new year will be a great break from the ordinary and I've been thinking about what I'd like to do instead of fiber for a while: clay. I have a potter's wheel, kiln, and a generous supply of clay to keep me muddy and occupied. The possibilities can be endless. 
Until then, I'd like to take a moment to wish you a Happy Holiday season. I hope it is fantastic for all. Would you please take some time to be charitable for those less fortunate? I've been making a few hats to drop of at my oncology center in the hopes of them being 'adopted' by someone who would love them.

December 8, 2009

The Knitted Science

What happens when science nerds get hold of knitting needles & crochet hooks? Discovery the brilliant world of knitted science here:

December 2, 2009


Before we all know it, the Christmas holiday is here. With a mere 23 days away, I invite you do buy handmade this holiday season. It's a fantastic way to support the independent arts.
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