February 22, 2011

Knit For Needs

There are so many blogs, but not as many doing such a fine job as Knit For Needs

They collect more than just knitwear! If you'd prefer to crochet something, that is welcomed too! They collect and donate any and all hand knit/crochet items directly to people in need across the U.S. 

From their site: 
"Blankets, hats, mittens, scarves, socks, slippers, toys... anything you'd like to donate, even if it is just one item, would be much appreciated by someone in need! If you do not knit/crochet and would like to support our cause, we will accept yarn and monetary donations that would be used to make more items to donate as well as for shipping costs."

Just this past December, when Atlanta, GA was bombarded by storms, the founder and her daughter personally handed out hats, mittens and scarves via Rescue Atlanta. There is a facebook group dedicated to this wonderful cause here. For the address and other information, please be sure to check out the Knit For Needs blog. 

I'm starting a hat for them today!


  1. Thanks for this post!! Glad to see word about KFN is getting around... we are growing! Exciting :) FYI: we donated 1,070 items to people in need in 2010, and this year our goal is 1,500. Thanks!

  2. It's my pleasure to help you reach your goal!


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