July 20, 2011



These are a few of my most recent favorites. They can all be found on etsy and the links are below each image. Please take a moment and check out their lovely shops. Thanks for supporting handmade.

July 12, 2011

New In The Shop

Meet Timony! He's a sweet mouse whose favorite color is yellow. He comes with his own mini denim messenger bag and scarf. The scarf does fold up and fit into the bag for easy traveling and his bag has a vintage brass button. He prefers his scarf on so he has space in his bag to collect lentils.

I had to take a break from knitting for the day and decided to switch gears a bit. A little while later, this little guy was born. His little bag and scarf were the perfect finishing touches and made him seem complete. 

For more information, please click here
*UPDATE* Timony has moved to Australia :)

July 9, 2011


Slate did a really interesting article about why facebook can't match ravelry, the social network for knitters and crocheters alike. I've been using ravelry for several years now and never truly knew about Casey and Jessica Forbes. As it turns out, they're a married couple from Boston who work as a team with only two other people to run the site. They rely heavily on volunteer editors and a strict code of etiquette from its users. I thought it was an interesting read and maybe you'll enjoy it too. My ravelry handle is yesterdaydream so say hello if you stop by, okay?

July 7, 2011

Morning Blackberries

Good morning! My blackberries have been taking their sweet time this summer and they're finally beginning to ripen. It's great to be able to walk out back and grab a few fresh berries to enjoy with my breakfast. What is difficult to show you here with this photo is their size; each berry is approximately 2 inches across! 

Do you have a great recipe including blackberries?

July 5, 2011

On The Needles...

Today was perfect for focusing on this slouchy hat I'm making for my friend Amy. It's made using Knit Pick's Dishie cotton yarn and coming along pretty nicely. It's perfect for those late nights at the lake or beach where you want to just throw a hat on and go. She chose the color of coffee and I think it will look fantastic on her.


I can finally share Fregley with you! He was made especially for my partner Haley (The Zen of Making) and created entirely of cotton. He was my first creature to feature a cable running up his left side. I can imagine this technique being used in a few different ways and I'm already putting it to use on a new little monster in the studio now. I'm so pleased he made her happy and I know he excited to learn he was moving to Brooklyn. 

Thanks again to the Handmade Gift Exchange sponsored by Craftaholics Anonymous.

Handmade Gift Exchange - Sunflower Brooch from Haley!

My last post before this included a photo of a sunflower in my garden and then I received this lovely sunflower brooch from Haley at The Zen of Making blog! Thank you Haley for somehow reading my mind and making me such a perfect and beautiful gift. How much fun is this? I can pin it to my bag or a cardigan. Rarely, do I spend time to make things for myself. Haley's site is quickly becoming one of those where there is always something refreshing and fun waiting to enchant you. 

A special "thank you" to Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous for organizing the entire Handmade Gift Exchange and making it so fun and inspiring! Not only do I have a super creative new friend, but I'm looking forward to next year's exchange too.
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