November 28, 2010

Julia Randall

Decoy 1
Lick Line 20
Julia Randall is a Connecticut-based artist whose drawings are actually accumulations of many fine layers of color upon color with the white of the paper showing through, which creates the dimensionality. Each of the above pieces are colored pencil on paper. The mouths are isolated within the space and make the viewer feel voyeuristic while allowing our brains to make unconscious assumptions about what we see.

November 18, 2010

Have you seen this?

Fitzsu is offering made to order Poultry Domes for both chicken or turkey. A new, untypical glass collection designed by Fabrica for Secondome 

Objects used in the past, such as cake or roast covers, are reinvented in both their use and their shape. The past and the future blend in these innovatively-shaped creations: the future lies in the ideas and sketches of Fabrica’s young designers, while the past is represented both by the choice of the material (glass) and by relying on the art of skilled glass-makers. The piece above was designed by Ben Cabelli (Israel). A collection revisiting daily use objects in an ironic and unconventional way and transforming them into top design pieces.

November 15, 2010

No Place To Fall

Lately, I've been so busy with the shop and the recent shows. No matter how hard I've tried to switch gears and focus more on the clay and sculptures, there is some drying time with that and I find myself diving back into my vast collection of fibrous materials. In the end, I'm trying to push away the scattered feeling and to help do that, I've been listening to this and maybe you'll enjoy it too.

November 6, 2010

Fall Colors

We've been having some really beautiful days here in New Jersey. The chilly weather came on pretty quickly this year and everyone is saying how cold and crazy this upcoming Winter will be already. Personally, I'm looking forward to snow and having my little house filled with the smells of holiday baking and the sounds of music brought in by family who is mostly so far away. Sure I like birds chirping and warm days too, but the feeling the chill brings with it can be equally as comforting.

November 3, 2010

REcreate by Katie Thompson

The inspiration behind Recreate was Katie Thompson's passion and flair for transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary.
Located in South Africa, Katie never works within established stylistic boundaries. She creates an eclectic combination of styles, materials and finishes; this skill highlights her passion and her ability to find the intrinsic beauty and new, hidden purpose in the old, discarded items she chooses for her pieces.
A hoarder of all things useless, impractical, broken, colorful and shiny; Katie’s designs show tell tale signs of her Dadaist leanings. By nature an extremely energetic, bubbly and creative individual, Katie’s energy filters through to her work and into her pieces and the lives of her clients.
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